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Bring Pride to Your Local Area

Spread all over the nation, Pride Ambassadors are the pulse of the Pride Network. This group of individuals serve as the eyes, ears and - most important of all - the heart of the Network. Pride Ambassadors help us grow, they help us reach out and get involved in our local communities, and they help the Network advocate for important LGBTQ+ issues that are important to us all., 

Apply to be a Pride Ambassador, and be a part of something new. 


Become a Pride Ambassador

Our ambassador program is split into two equally important groups: Regional Ambassadors and At Large Ambassadors. 

Regional Ambassadors are primarily responsible for supporting the Network’s membership efforts by encouraging participation and engagement from alumnus in their local areas. As Covid passes, and the world gets back to normal, we expect Regional Ambassadors to help host everything from membership drive events to fundraising events; and keep the Board of Directors apprised of local events where Network representation would be meaningful. 

At Large Ambassadors will be responsible for driving high-impact events, and establishing future Network traditions. We hope for this group of ambassadors to focus on advocacy and promoting LGBTQ+ issues in their local areas on behalf of the Network.

We would be remiss to remind our future Pride Ambassadors that this Alumni Network is very new, and we are figuring all this out as we go. Future Pride Ambassadors should be comfortable working in ambiguity and be excited about the prospect of creating something from nothing. If you have great ideas, energy, drive and a deep love for Florida State University, we want you!

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